as of today, i am 30 weeks pregnant. :) 10 more to go!

So basically today sucked. My work made me work on my day off, because the guy scheduled to work for me decided to be a little bitch and refuse to work since it’s a sunday (even though he’s been scheduled to work the shift for two weeks). Well yeah, Sunday’s in Utah are the SLOWEST DAYS and they seriously did not need me there. And to top it off, we had a mandatory meeting tonight after work, which, again, I don’t think I needed to be a part of, because I’d already been filled in on what was discussed during the meeting, and a lot of the meeting was ‘department specific’, and I’m literally the only person in my department, so they had nothing for me to do.

And because of all of this, I’ll be getting over 50 hours this week. 

I guess my paycheck will be nice, but hell, i’m almost 30 weeks pregnant, I need a break. 

Sorry for the rant.